“Last month, the tour made a stop in Detroit, symbolically the ground zero for American Decline (the Eastwood ad notwithstanding), giving Springsteen the opportunity to connect with those who may have more keenly felt the ravages of modern times. The crowd, while not representative of the nation as it stands (too old, too white), was a mix of blue and white collars, most of whom sang aloud and pumped their fists along with each song.

But did they listen to what they were singing? For an arena show, it got real in a hurry:

They destroyed our families’ factories and they took our homes 

They left our bodies on the plains. 

The vultures picked our bones …”

Is The Boss the class warrior America is looking for? A post on Springsteen’s politics, latest album and his appeal to both the left and right. Read it here.

I once tried to sneak backstage and visit with Snider, but his manager kicked me out of the green room after I told him I didn’t have any rolling papers. That probably says all you need to know about his lifestyle.
National Journal’s congress writer gives a review of Todd Snider’s latest album and how it could be said to “represent the zeitgeist of a struggling America.” Have you heard the album? Read the full review.